Forecast Decision Support (FDS) Services

Delivering quality FDS  solutions, training and professional development services tailored to your specific business needs.


Cloud Platform Solutions

Does your business demand better forecasting performance, agility in planning higher availability of accurate, quality forecast data for your lines of business and collaborators to remain competitive? Stop paying the high cost of traditional,  server-based software  – simply pay one flat fee per month!


Data Analytics and Predictive Modelling Solutions

We deliver state-of-the art, data-driven decision support solutions  to your business forecasting and planning challenges.. Designed to reduce your costs, increase your profits and mitigate your business risks, we partner with you as your Virtual Forecasting Department, allowing you to focus on running your business, not your technology.


Performance and Accuracy Measurement Solutions

Inaccurate data, outliers and unusual values in demand data are increasing exponentially, and our accuracy and performance measurement services can cost-effectively tame uncertainty, protect and maintain the accuracy of your forecasting process, tools and data against uninformed judgments, providing you peace of mind.


Training and Professional Development Solutions

Global competition and consumer-driven product needs are fueling the need for greater professional skills in demand forecasting, planning and management. The ability to remain expertly trained is now a reality – whether at HQ, market regions or customer business locations. Increase business productivity by enabling recurring forecaster training and certification programs for your business.

FDS Data Framework
And Data Quality Assessment!

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Some of our Services

We tailor our decision support services and Smarter Forecasting solutions to meet your specific business planning needs

Forecast Decision Support Services

We deliver a powerful suite of technology-enabled, quantitative, collaborative forecasting and business planning solutions over the Internet. Our product offerings include licensed applications and online hosted demand forecasting solutions driven by a proven PEER business process methodology. We achieve forecasting excellence by creating from your requirements an agile, customized demand forecasting and performance evaluation platform with you as your Virtual Forecasting Department, allowing you to focus on running your business, not your technology.

Population Health Decision Support Services

Do you need quantitative analytical support services in your healthcare operations? Does your organization require expert Population Health Forecasting expertise and Best  Practice Decision support? Would you like to reduce the cost and complexity of your Population Health decision making? Our Population Health Decision Support Solutions in Morristown, New Jersey are the answer.

Data Analytics and Predictive Visualization Services

Are you seeking expertise in data analytics to support your forecasting and planning processes, algorithms and software applications? Would you like to reduce the cost and complexity of your modeling methodology and increase throughput? We deliver Agile Forecasting® solutions in the cloud .

Demand Forecasting and Planning Services

Do you need an analytical support firm experienced in creating and supporting your demand forecasting processes, forecast delivery on an integrated business planning patform? Our PEER demand forecasting services include remote and onsite analytical support, forecast monitoring, reporting and more. Demand forecasting is a specialized discipline requiring higher than average degree of numerical literacy. The book by Dr. Hans Levenbach, PhD, entitled Change&Chance Embraced: Achieving Agility through Smarter Forecasting in the Supply Chain explains it all and is available in hardcover, paperback or e-book format on demand from Amazon US/UK/EU.

Training and Certification Services

Are you seeking experienced trainers in providing training in data analytics, quantitative forecast modeling and forecast presentation for your business forecasting Best Practices tailored to specific line of business operations? Would you like to enhance the professionalism and agility of your forecasting process? Our CPDF Training and Certification Services are offered onsite and in public workshops worldwide.

Forecasting Resource Services

Do you need an expert advisory versed in supporting your business forecasting processes and applications, data quality management, accuracy measurement and resource management? Increase the professionalism and best practices of your critical data, models and forecast delivery services with our Forecast Resource and Best Practice Solutions in the cloud.

"WHY Demand Forecasting Is So Important to Supply Chain Professionals and Managers" - Chapter 1 C&C Embraced
"What is Demand Forecasting in the Supply Chain?" - Chapter 2 C&C Embraced
"Selecting Forecasting Techniques" - Chapter 3 C&C Embraced
"Taming Uncertainty & Forecast Accuracy" - Chapter 4 C&C Embraced
"Displaying Demand Variability & Uncertainty" - Chapter 5 C&C Embraced
"Seasonal Fluctuations & Decomposition" - Chapter 6 C&C Embraced
"Trend Cycle Forecasting" - Chapter 7 C&C Embraced
"ESM Baseline Forecasting" - Chapter 8 C&C Embraced
"ARIMA Modeling" - Chapter 9 C&C Embraced
"Regression Modeling" - Chapter 10 C&C Embraced
"Root Cause Analysis & Exception Handling" - Chapter 11 C&C Embraced
"Setting Final Forecast Numbers" - Chapter 12 C&C Embraced
"Creating a Data Framework" - Chapter 13 C&C Embraced
"Blending Agile Forecasting & IBP" - Chapter 14 C&C Embraced

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