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As pressure increases from competitors and customers for improvements in quality and level of service, you can use PEER Planner to examine your forecasting and planning operations for potential cost reductions and customer service improvement. PEER Planner makes it easy for corporate operations and sales departments to collaborate in improving the accuracy of forecasts for demand and production planning.

PEER Planner simplifies the forecasting process AND ensures that forecasts are in line with your business plans.  Field personnel, collaborating over the Internet or Intranet, can conveniently update information, which is then automatically rolled into forecasts by region, division, department, product or virtually any other hierchical parameter.

By using forecasts and budgets to generate business plans, including   projections, PEER Planner also lets users easily examine the effects of headcount adjustments, product mix changes, and much more. It does so from the users' desktop, without requiring IT intervention or technically-oriented users.

(Ref: Technology Helps Planners Collaborate on Forecasting by Robert A. Geller

"This article takes a look at the experience of four companies that broke from the mold to make real strides in collaborative forecasting.  They made these advances without investing in costly and complex groupware, Intranet or business process reengineering initiatives.  Instead they opted for relatively inexpensive PC-based  software from Delphus Corp, Morristown, N.J."

The software supports offline-forecast overrides from field sales support personnel or collaborative forecasting applications with customers. Special customer-specific adjustments can be entered by field sales forecasters and automatically consolidated by PEER Planner. These customer/location-specific field forecasts are maintained by the system to allow for tracking and accountability of field forecasting performance. As a result, you rightfully place more importance on forecast measurement and monitoring functions to improve profitability, accountability and efficiency in the organization.

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