previous Replenishment Planning

The PEER Planner/DRP module for PEER Planner allows for the planning of replenishment orders based on the availability of on-hand inventory.

When you are satisfied with a forecast, you can automatically project finished goods inventory levels along with phased requirements into the future. PEER Planner/DRP highlights problem situations in a work queue for specific action, allowing you to review:

  • Anticipated inventory or service level issues for action
  • Backorders by distribution center
  • Receipts past due from manufacturing or vendors
  • Products with high forecast error
  • Current or potential slow moving stock
  • System recommended trans-shipments

The inventory quantities obtained from the Batch Forecaster for use with the PEER Planner/DRP module includes the following:

  • Order quantity
  • Lead-time demand
  • Forecast error standard deviation
  • Safety stock.
  • Reorder point


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