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PEER Planner helps you control costs, reduce cycle times, increase inventory turns and improve customer service. It combines expert statistical forecasting methods with flexible management override procedures to develop the most accurate forecast possible of customer demand, a critical step in effective supply chain management.

PEER Planner is not only highly effective but easy to use, as well. Its graphical Windows interface lets you point and click to get answers smoothly and efficiently. Visualize your planning decisions while your competitors are only guessing.

All aspects of the planning process, from data entry through exception handling, error tracking and presentation work together effortlessly. And with the MS Access database structure in PEER Planner, you can have a custom system that best suits your local needs.

The system is flexible, so you can develop your enterprise-wide decision support and collaborative planning system in stages. You can even use your existing legacy database systems and tie into other applications (such as DRP, MRP and ERP) that you may have on-line already.

With PEER Planner, you get Delphus expertise in forecasting puma outlet that is rooted in many years of practical industrial experience. Delphus offers a comprehensive spectrum of services including business process analysis, statistical data analysis and modeling, system and software development, training and support.

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