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When you choose Batch Forecaster from the PEER Planner program group, you will see the following screen:

With PEER Batch Forecaster, you can make accurate, expert and reliable statistical forecasts for a large number of products or end-items (SKU’s). PEER Forecaster provides the statistical baseline forecasts (adjusted for planned promotion events) that can be viewed and manipulated in PEER Planner.

The Batch Forecaster is a fast, streamlined, expert batch-forecasting module for PEER Planner. The program determines the optimized forecasting model from a broad range of proven exponential smoothing procedures and selects the best fit for each demand pattern. The models take into account level, trend, seasonality, excessive volatility and planned promotional impacts. Forecasts are then stored for any user-specified forecasting horizon and desired customer/location or product grouping in weekly and/or monthly buckets.

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