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PEER Planner’s Override function allows you to adjust a forecast manually or graphically. With the ability to override elements of a statistical forecast, you are able to review field-sales inputs and take into account qualitative management opinions, special events or competitive actions.

Adjusting statistical forecasts. To make a manual adjustment of the forecast, you can select from four operations to calculating changes to forecasts: Add, Replace, Subtract or Percent Change. This will effect how the numbers in the override rows are adjusted to the Statistical or Prior Adjusted Forecasts. Once you are satisfied with your changes and would like to have them permanently stored in the PEER Planner database, click on the Save button

Constraining forecast overrides. Since overrides can be made at any level in the product and/or customer summaries, you may need to constrain the override not to be applied to all the customer codes making up the summary. On the Override Menu, you will find a Constrain option that lets you select/deselect those customers not requiring the override.

Eyeballing a manual adjustment. As an alternative to manually entering revised estimate numbers into the forecast grid, you can "eyeball" your adjustments and make your changes graphically.

A graph of the statistical forecast will be displayed, along with a list of the numerical values for each period. To override the forecast, click the value on the graph that represents your modified estimate for a particular period. The graph for jump to that value, and the numerical values on the side panel will automatically adjust.

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