Quick Tour - Introduction

At Delphus, we realize that your time is limited, so performing your forecasting and planning tasks quickly and efficiently is critical to your success.

The following tour will give you a first-hand look at how PEER Planner provides solutions to your collaborative planning problems without fuss. That means you get the agile forecasting solutions to perform

  • Automated statistical baseline forecasting using historical demand data
  • Adjustments for planned promotion effects
  • Flexible management overrides from SKU level to product family for units and revenues
  • Filed Sales composite forecasting, distributed and consolidated by territory, region or customer account
  • Demand variability analyses to handle exceptions and unwanted trends
  • New product introductions
  • Graphical adjustments for special events
  • Sophisticated modeling of trend, seasonality and outlier corrections with ETS State Space Forecasting
  • Conversions to cost, revenue, gross margin, bulk and related factors
  • Optimized safety stock strategies
  • Standard and ad hoc reporting
  • Streamlined up and downloads of key forecasting data


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