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For every forecast you create, PEER Planner will maintain the statistical forecasts (called Views) in an Access database set up with the product and customer/location hierarchies for your particular business needs. You can retrieve a stored View and review forecasts with actuals, along with past performance results to help plan your course of action.

Choose an item. Six list boxes will be appear to allow you to specify the item(s) and customer/location(s) selection that you wish to display. The entries in these list boxes will depend on the particular forecasting hierarchies set up for your company. For example, the selection could display the history and forecast for sales of Aspirin product in the PROD_LINE category sold/shipped to LOCATION 66287 in the Plant PPI.

View and graph data for the item you selected. The data is displayed in a spreadsheet on the bottom half of the screen. By pressing Graph, you can display the same data graphically in two ways:

One Line for All Years - this is a plot of the historical data and forecasts as a single time series. You can trace the overall trend in the data over time, note seasonal fluctuations and spot unusual events


Comparison by Years - this is a stacked graph displaying the rows in the grid separately. You can compare seasonal variations of data patterns in different years.

Note: Graphs will show only the numbers corresponding to the data in the grid display.

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