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"Well begun is half done."

Attention: Software Manufacturers
Delphus, Inc. is now licensing its incomparable forecasting software engine! Give your software and customers the best baseline forecasts in the industry... give them the accuracy that only Pegelsdll delivers!

Pegelsdll is a Dynamic Link Library (DLL) that lets you readily integrate powerful statistical forecasting algorithms (State Space Forecasting) into your own demand planning system for analyzing historical sales/order and shipment data. This tool contains all the proven techniques, including damped trend exponential smoothing methods that have demonstrated superior performance in large volume forecasting competitions. Without statistical expertise, you can add forecasting sophistication to existing ERP or SCM planning software to help to reduce inventory levels, improve production planning processes and improve customer service inventory. Available now, the DLL is the forecasting component of Delphus’ PEERForecaster, an Excel forecasting Add-in.

The DLL will appeal to companies creating their own forecasting system as well OEM suppliers of ERP/SCM systems. Because the statistical modeling algorithms are designed to be flexible and easy to use, the DLL is applicable in companies many industries, such as pharmaceutical, utility, energy, chemical, electronics, automotive, industrial manufacturing, distribution and retail industries.

With the Pegelsdll forecasting software engine, Delphus has developed a niche by exploiting the relative lack of sophistication of forecasting modules found in integrated supply chain suites and other manufacturing software. Pegelsdll provides in-depth capabilities not found in general purpose forecasting programs for manufacturing or advanced planning software. The program produces the best model from a broad family of exponential smoothing algorithms and provides summary detail of optimized parameters, transformations, seasonal factors, trend and level components, outliers, multiple performance measures, simulation modes, as well as forecast probability limits based on additive and multiplicative error models.

Please contact Delphus directly for more information and a demo version of the DLL.


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