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"Peer Planner is building a bridge with our customers, giving us a way to improve planning & processes across organizations"
Supply Chain Manager, Eastman Kodak Corp.
"Simply put, Peer Planner gave us the tools to get where we wanted to go"
Forecast Manager, Major Power Tools Manufacturer

The PEER Planner demand forecasting and replenishment planning solution is a hosted web-based application and runs under Windows. The system gives the planning organization the dashboards and scorecards needed to coordinate demand plans and develop accurate, reliable, and credible forecasts with assurance. It is fully integrated providing operational forecasts, budgeting results, and strategic marketing information interactively or in Excel reports.

Now, your team can efficiently produce expert statistical forecasts for multi-level product and customer/location groupings from a relational database and share the data up through the chain of command, and across the enterprise.

Along the way, forecast data integrity is preserved while budgets and multiple forecast scenarios can be further massaged with graphical, interactive Eyeball feature or management overrides. A 'behind-the-scenes' audit trail maintains full accountability of forecast changes so that performance can be measured at any selected level of product or customer/location. Multiple metrics allow for the most comprehensive evaluation of forecasts and forecasters.

As a result, the sales team spends less time on forecasting, more time with customers as their forecasts and reports are managed by the program through a remote field sales option.

Production and inventory staff benefit from the sales organization's hard knowledge of customer and market conditions.

The entire enterprise benefits by improvements in forecast accuracy, achieved via a consensus style collaboration and cooperation within a single sytem.

Features include:

  • Automatic baseline forecasts, centrally developed and distributed by customer account, region or DC
  • Forecast error tracking for multiple views via "at-a-glance" graphical views
  • Judgmental overrides of units and/or revenues via interactive Eyeball feature or manual overrides
  • Field sales composites track input from the sales team or customer
  • New product introductions help forecast when there is no history
  • Promotion and Event management to help determine the impact of promotions
  • Safety stock analytics help lead to reductions in inventory
  • Replenishment planning for "just-in-time" inventory management

PEER Planner gives you a complete and customizable forecasting system that is quick to install, easy-to maintain and readily interfaced with your ERP/SCM system!