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Leapfrog the competition with forecasting that uses expert statistical methods, offers flexible override capabilities, and the harnesses the power of distributed and collaborative technologies.

The PEER Planner forecasting system runs under Windows, manages product and customer/location specific groupings in a Access database, and gives the enterprise the tools needed to coordinate plans and develop accurate, reliable forecasts with the assurance that:

  • Your forecasting team can generate expert statistical, baseline forecasts via a simple Windows interface and share the data up through the chain of command and across the enterprise.
  • Forecast data can be massaged in a graphical, interactive, and user-friendly environment, while an audit trail of forecast performances is preserved for full accountability:
  • The sales team spends less time with reports, more time with customers.
  • Production and inventory staffs benefit from the sales organization’s hard knowledge of customer and market conditions.
  • The entire enterprise benefits by improvements in forecast accuracy, achieved via consensus-style collaboration.

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