Agile ForecastingR Training


Delphus, Inc. provides practical, systematic and easily-to-follow in-house & online training & coaching sessions.  

These sessions help demand forecasters and business planners improve the accuracy and reliability of their baseline statistical forecasts, and the forecasts applicability to the demand planning process.

Consider training from a PEER perspective, where you can select, and we will address, certain areas of the forecast process that meet your specific needs, including 

  • P reparation  (data and pattern analysis)

  • E xcecution  (modeling solutions)

  • E valuation  (root cause analysis & exception tracking)

  • R econciliation  (match supply & demand needs - S&OP)

Delphus will focus the training (or online coaching) accordingly.

Also, we offer training on How To Get an Agile Forecasting Solution, where we take you through, step by step: 

  • What to forecast
  • How to forecast
  • When to forecast 
  • Who to Forecast.

We provide flexible training timeframes including two-hour online coaching sessions and 1 to 5 day in-house or online programs.  Please call us to discuss your needs and for curriculum specifics.



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