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Hosted Online Demand Forecasting 

Basic Hosting Service

Delphus provides you with a secure, password-protected web site on our host server which acts as your customized front end for PEER Planner Agile Forecasting(r) Decision Support solutions, your data and forecasts

Delphus assists you in getting the correct data from your system according to your forecast requirements

Delphus trains you how to independently

  • Auto-upload correct data into your customized and secure area on the Delphus host system

  • Create scheduled forecasts according to your forecasting cycle

  • Modify forecasts as needed

  • Generate files and reports


  • No software implementation or upgrades required

  • Accessed through browser - anywhere... anytime

  • One step forecast preparation & reporting

  • Online, interaction with forecasting experts

  • Centralized technical support & secure database maintenance




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