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Hosted, online Demand Forecasting 

Web-based Hosting Service  

Baseline Demand Forecast Analysis

In addition to the provisions of the Basic Hosting Service, Delphus will provide an expert forecast analyst to help you manage your on-going forecast process.

  • Delphus analysts will be responsible for analyzing your historical sales data and determining the best forecast model.

  • Delphus will create the statistical, baseline demand forecast, review results, adjust the forecast as per the your requirements and understanding of the data, post notes on what was adjusted and monitor any changes required to your forecast models.

  • Delphus will offer recommendations on supplementary modeling approaches to better understand changes in forecasting conditions.

    • Thereby substantiating the forecast and enhancing the credibility of the forecasting process within your organization.

  • You can access created forecasts using PEER Planner Agile Forecasting interface, and directly speak with Delphus analysts to discuss the results.