Agile Demand Forecasting R next

"Agile ForecastingR allows you to confidently focus on results and presentations...  while leaving the mundane forecasting tasks to us!"

See for yourself! Take a quick tour of the Agile Forecasting R - a unique, web-enabled demand forecasting decision support solution for business planning applications, designed for the time-challenged demand forecaster and planner.  It vastly reduces implementation time & costs of complex forecasting & replenishment planning systems, simplifies training, provides faster returns on inventory improvement initiatives & completes scheduled forecasting tasks in a more timely & professional manner.

The highlights of Delphus’ Agile Forecasting R online hosting solutions are:

  • We support hosting the Delphus product suite to assist clients in their effort to manage product demand more effectively. We assist with initial data conversion, on-going data maintenance and demand forecast management.

  • We provide The PEER Planner dashboard to access the solution in the cloud.

  • No capital expenditure required
  • Accessed through browser

  • One step forecast preparation & reporting

  • Online, interaction with forecasting experts

  • Centralized technical support & secure database maintenance

Delphus offers basic and advanced Agile Forecasting R options, as well as related in-house and online training and coaching services.


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