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Delphus delivers a powerful suite of technology-enabled, collaborative forecasting and business planning solutions over the Internet. Our products include licensed applications and online-hosted demand planning solutions and forecasting services combined with a proven PEER business process methodology. We achieve forecasting excellence by creating from your requirements an agile, customized demand forecasting platform, built on a relational database with a state-of-the-art statisitical forecasting engine for identifying the most appropriate predictive analytics to fit your unique demand patterns.

Through a time-tested PEER Planner® methodology, our forecasting products and services result in measurable cost reductions and increasingly productive customers for cross-industry applications. We enable clients to improve their ROI by:

  • Reducing workflow inefficiencies in forecasting cycles
  • Improving the accuracy, reliability and timeliness of demand forecasts
  • Empowering the Sales, Inventory and Operations process (SI&OP)
  • Efficiently producing optimal forecasts for large volume applications using best-in-class, well-documented agile forecasting techniques (ETS State Space Forecasting)
  • Maintaining the integrity and quality of demand, revenue, price, cost and key forecasting data in a consistent data management framework
  • Integrating sales collaboration and inventory replenishment planning practices
  • Reducing production and inventory costs throughout the supply chain

The PEER Planner® methodology goes beyond statistical baseline forecasting to include software solutions and predictive visualization techniques for knowledge-caption, management judgment, root-cause analysis, performance management and strategic and collaborative decision-making.

As a leader in demand forecaster training, certification and consulting services, Delphus has provided innovative solutions to demand planning organizations in diverse industries for the past three decades. With our state-of-the-art modeling technology and unique, high-performance PEER planning process, Delphus continues its tradition of offering online, hosted solutions to continually exceed customer expectations in forecasting and replenishment planning applications. Our commitment to excellence makes Delphus a win-win solution provider for you.

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Best Practices Book on Forecasting, Demand Planning and Management

It's here!! A new book Change & Chance Embraced: Achieving Agility with Smarter Forecasting in the Supply Chain is now available on Amazon. For beginners and professionals with operational demand planning and supply chain experience, this book provides the concepts and techniques behind all the facets of demand forecasting, from data sourcing, data quality management, and exploratory data analysis to structuring forecast data, analyzing and interpreting forecasting models, and assessing forecast accuracy, leading to creating a final forecast for the Integrated Business Planning (IBP) process.

It is a complete revision of the book Forecasting: Practice and Process  for Demand Management, authored by renowned experts Hans Levenbach (Delphus) and James P. Cleary, This is an ideal reference book for supply chain practitioners and courses on modern forecasting techniques. It also provides managers and planners with the solutions that they need to analyze and predict future customer demand for new and existing products and services. We published this book in 2005 as experienced practitioners and seasoned trainers. You can find its contents here.


In-the-Cloud, Hosted Demand Forecasting (LSaaS)

Delphus' Agile Forecasting® LSaaS solution for demand forecasting and business planning is a software subscription service to meet all your demand forecasting needs. See for yourself! Take a quick tour of the The Agile Forecasting® solution - a hosted, in-the-cloud forecasting & planning solution for the time-challenged demand forecaster and business planner. It vastly reduces implementation time & costs of overly-complex forecasting & replenishment planning systems, simplifies training, provides faster returns on inventory improvement initiatives & completes scheduled forecasting tasks in a more timely & professional manner....


Earn the Right to Be a Professional Demand Planner and Forecaster

Knowing the basic "ins and outs" of predictive analytics for demand and supply planning is critical for any business. At a CPDF® professional development training and certification Workshop, you'll hear from the most experienced forecasting experts and enjoy an interactive, hands-on learning experience while earning your Certified Professional Demand Forecaster (CPDF®) designation.

Check for Workshop Schedules...

FREE Forecasting Software For Excel Users

If you are in need of validating the accuracy of forecasting models, then you will find the PEERForecaster Add-in for Excel a welcome addition to your toolkit. IT IS FREE, yet it offers a state-of-the-art statistical forecasting capability not commonly found in forecasting packages or the 'all-in-one' SCM/ERP systems. Follow a 5-step, easy-to-use Wizard that produces full output, parameter estimates, evaluation summaries and graphical displays.

Download here and use at no charge.

Strategic Forecasting and Predictive Analytics for Hospital Management

Delphus’ PEER Planner® dashboard is an easy-to-use, predictive analysis application to support strategic forecasting, market share analysis, modeling product mix and predictive simulation. When used for hospital management, it provides market share displays, cost analyses,  workflow tactics and graphical drill-downs of vital competitive planning issues. Along with our partner Health Care Intelligence, we provide the in-depth expertise and long-term experience along with the most accurate, up-to-date product and service demand forecasts and planning for population-health demand management organizations. 


Free Forecasting Software for Training and Instructual Use

If you are in need of strengthening your software offering with best-in-class time-series forecasting techniques: ETS State Space Forecasting (Exponential Smoothing, ARIMA, and RMA Seasonal Decomposition), you can now download this incomparable Excel Add-in software at no charge! Give your software and customers the best baseline forecasts in the industry... give them the accuracy that only the PEERForecaster program delivers! To benchmark your existing models or try out the statistical techniques for yourself, you can download a copy of an easy-to-use Excel Add-in with FREE perpetual license ;


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